CB Interview: MVP Niki Avery will be back to Keravnos for the Three Peat (video)


Niki Avery is always a pleasure to talk to you and we are thrilled to hear the great news of your return. Tell us how do you feel?

Blue Island

Hi Cyprusbasket. Cyprus is officially one of my homes. I’m so happy to have re signed. I love my teammates and club very much. We basically have the same group of girls back again which is lovely. We will work hard and play to see winning results at the end of the season.

You basically won everything with Keravnos. Its obvious you love Cyprus and this will be your third year.

I’m looking forward to challenging myself a bit more this season and also looking forward to seeing my girls again!

We see new teams coming to the league like Etha and Anorthosi BC. How do you feel about that and what it means for Women’s basketball in Cyprus?
I feel that’s great to add more teams. It makes the league more competitive and also creates more opportunity to the women’s basketball sport.


And what is the message you would like to give to them as well as your fans who last year supported you tremendously.

We are thankful for their support. We work hard and really love the game. This is just creating more wave for the future and the limitlessness for what’s to come for women’s basketball. Paving the wave, somehow, just like those before us.

You spent part of your summer in Greece and the Greek islands where you made your music video but you also went back home to New York. How was your time there?

It’s always great coming home and feeling my City’s energy. There’s nothing like it. It makes things bittersweet when time to leave each season but this is the life and I’m thankful that I am able to play in such a beautiful country like Cyprus with a great club – Keravnos.  I feel happy, safe and with strong connection.
Talk to us about your music.
I’m exited about music too . I made a few songs after last season which have been getting good feedback from. One song In particular, YES, is being pushed on all Platforms – audio and with video. I hope to continue to grow in the music field as well. Big things to come!!
We will always be there to support. Good luck next season. We are sure all the teams started to prepare for your return. Good luck Niki #MVP
Thank you CB…
Enjoy the music

Niki Avery: The Triple Crown Queen will wear the purple and gold for the 3rd year.



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