When Magic Johnson speaks…


When Magic Johnson speaks, everyone else just listens especially nowadays where most of the current stars of the NBA in a very large proportion owe their career and their money to Magic who was the best playmaker and showman the league ever displayed during the 80s.

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The topic of conversation was the comparison between the 1992 dream team and the USA 2008 team. Note that 2008 team returned to gold medals after the failures of the 2002, 2004 and 2006 USA teams.

And here are his thoughts: “The Kobe team won each match with 22 points difference, while we had 44 point average difference”.

We cyprusbasket.net tend to agree with Magic even though he messed up with his numbers. The real point differences were 27.9 and 45.8 points respectively, let alone the level of competition from the other teams in his time was significantly lower compared with today.

But on the other hand when you think a match-up between Jordan-Magic-Bird against Kobe-LeBron-Carmelo the outcome will inevitably give more chance of winning to the first trio team. Their titles speak for themselves after all.


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